Social Events

Please note that the information about the planned social events detailed in this page is not yet finalized and therefore subject to change.

All Summer School participants are invited to attend a number of planned social events throughout the duration of the School.

Achaia Beach Hotel

A welcome reception will be held on Sunday, 7th of September 2014, at the Achaia Beach Hotel, located at the Kastellokampos seaside suburb, 4 km from the city of Patras.

Lakopetra beach

An evening trip to the Lakopetra beach including dinner at a local hotel restaurant is planned for Monday, 8th of September.

Sculptured ornaments from the Temple of Zeus at the Archaeological Museum of Olympia

Finally, a guided tour of the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, accompanied by dinner at a local restaurant, is scheduled for Thursday evening, on the 11th of September 2014.
More details on the schedule for these social events will be available in the Program page.