Students From Developing Countries

An opportunity has arisen for a small amount of support for students from developing countries.

IFIP has a Developing Countries Support Committee. The committee has a programme which allocates small grants to cover the transportation of developing countries' students to various IFIP events. This year, the Committee has allocated a small grant of 1,000 euros to partially fund the travels of postgraduate students from developing countries to attend the Ninth International Summer School on Privacy and Identity Management for the Future Internet in the Age of Globalisation. The grant does not cover the school fees. The Organisation Committee is considering waiving the associated fees for the selected student(s).

Please consider this opportunity to have some of your costs funded if you are a postgraduate student from a developing country submitting a paper to the summer school. When you submit your draft paper, at the same time please drop a short message to the school's contact address (see Contact on this website). In it, identify your name, research institution and coordinates, your current stage of study/research, and two items: your professional motivation in attending the IFIP summer school, and the meaning that attending this event will also have for your institution and your country (maximum 150 words).

Choice of the student(s) whose travel will be supported will be made by a select group of the programme committee members. The decision will be based on the quality of the DRAFT paper submitted, in conjunction with the student's justification. Notification will be given by 30 June 2014 (i.e., around two weeks following acceptance of the draft papers to the school).

There is no limit to the number of students that may be supported with small sums of financing; if the quality of the papers/justifications are insufficient, the programme committee may also decline to use the monies allotted to it for this purpose.